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4kw solar PV system installation from £5,500 (+5% VAT)

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Domestic Case Studies

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Domestic Case Studies

Take a look at some of our domestic renewable energy projects to find out more about how solar panels could help lower energy bills in your home.

Image of Mr Fern, Norwich

Mr Fern, Norwich

Efficient, polite and friendly

I found DPL during a search for solar energy on the internet when our electricity prices went up with our electricity supplier. I thought that solar energy would be out of our price range but found that it wasn’t as expensive as I thought.

We received two quotes and decided to go with DPL due to price and good feelings towards them as a reputable company who had all the right certifications.

They were already an established electrical firm which gave me further confidence in them.

The installation took a day and when the installers came round they were very efficient, polite, friendly and tidy. They cleaned up after themselves and any problems that arose were ironed out quickly. I would recommend DPL’s services to anyone interested in a solar installation.

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Image of Mr Fern, Norwich

Marcus Kwan, Ipswich

Quick installation and great energy output

The service I received from DPL was excellent; they provided good information and answered all our questions. I had thought about Solar for a while and wondered about us moving house and if it would be worth it. We decided just to go for it and had it installed.

I know DPL well as we have used their electrical services at work and therefore I had trust in them knowing that they are not just sales people and it gave me confidence to have my solar installed by a reputable company that have been running for quite some time.

The quote we received from DPL was cheaper than the competition and the system we chose not only produced more power but was £900 cheaper.

The scaffolders really thought about the needs of our family and put up and took down the scaffolding quickly. The solar panels were quick to install and we have received great energy output.

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Image of Mr Fern, Norwich

Kieran Fitzgerald, Colchester

The service at DPL was brilliant

Dear DPL Solar,

I am writing to give feedback on my solar installation.

I carried out a lot of research before choosing our installer.

The reason we chose DPL was the variety of panels that they offered, a mixture of prices, style and output. The pay back of seven to eight years with Sanyo panels swung it for us.

The service at DPL was brilliant. The guys who installed were excellent and very efficient. Everything went smoothly. The brackets went up on a Thursday and the panels and the electrics went up on the Friday, we were up and running with solar energy by that afternoon.

So far we are ahead of target for our energy production.

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Image of Mr Fern, Norwich

Mrs Hitchens, Norwich

Very efficient and knowledgeable

We found DPL Solar very efficient and knowledgeable; they were better than all the competition that had presented to us. We did our homework and had five quotes. There was a lot of information and we ended up using a consultant to help us chose which company to go for.

The chap at DPL who did our survey was excellent; very competent. We had previously been told that we would only be able to fit ten panels on our roof. However when the surveyor from DPL came to us he told us we could have fifteen panels and we fit them in.

The great advantage that DPL have is that they cut out the middle man as they supply the equipment keeping the price low.

We have already and will continue to recommend DPL to others.

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Mrs Little, Suffolk

We would happily recommend DPL

I am writing to express my views on DPL Solar.

We were very happy with the work that was done on our roof. We received several quotes and DPL were the only ones who brought a sample which was good.

We chose DPL due to price and locality; there was peace of mind knowing that if something went wrong the company were not too far away.

Another reason that we went with DPL was that they do their own paperwork and follow up instead of contracting it to another company as well as the very competitive price.

The installation team were very good and answered all the questions we had.

We would happily recommend DPL to our friends.

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Mrs Hughes, Suffolk

No disruption and were friendly, tidy and clean

We have been very happy with the information and service we have received from DPL when we were considering and then having our PV panels fitted. The staff were friendly and informative and the paper work was easy to follow and clearly explained.

When the fitters came to install the panels they explained exactly what they would be doing and when they would be doing it. They were also able to answer all the outstanding questions we still had.

The installation was problem free and the men caused no disruption and were friendly, tidy and clean even though they had to fit the panels in pouring rain all day. We were suprised how quickly everything was fitted. All 20 panels were installed and the system was turned on in one and a half days.

The panels themselves look fine on the roof. In fact we have got used to them already. Since installation, 3 weeks, we have had overcast weather but have still generated over 300 kw. Although it is early days, everything seems to be going to plan and we are glad we made the decision to invest in this system.

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Mutton Hall Farms, Stowmarket

Efficient, polite and friendly

I feel I must cast a vote of confidence in the energy section of DPL Electrical Services Ltd. They have recently fitted and commissioned a 3.6KWh array of PV panels for us and, throughout the project, they have been highly professional and extremely competitive.

In a market of muddle, chaos and misinformation DPL Solar were the only contractors who explained in accurate and simple terms every element of the operation from the original survey to commissioning the plant and how the Feed in Tariffs actually worked.

Seven months after the install we are still entirely happy with the solar installation and are very happy with the stunning production of the system. We are ahead of the production targets and have produced 2750 kwh in the seven months we have had solar now.

The entire project went entirely according to plan, the products used were of high quality and the final costs were exactly as quoted and significantly more competitive than other quotes that I received.

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